Binge Watching

Taking a brief break from Fashion Week today. Those posts are labor intensive! Let’s talk about entertainment instead. My husband and I are binge watching Netflix’s House of Cards.

Have you watched it? What did you think? For us, it’s been very engrossing and we’ve stayed up past our bedtimes to squeeze in “just one more episode”.  But we’ll be all caught up when the new season is released in May.

We did the same thing with USA Network’s Mr. Robot

And TNT’s Good Behavior

It was amazing to see Michelle Dockery in a part soooooo very different than Downton Abbey!

And lest you think we’re a couple of gritty, nihilistic, misanthropes, we also did the same thing with Netflix’s The Crown

Masterpiece’s Victoria

And our much beloved Foyle’s War

So now, you tell me, have you seen any of these series? Which is your favorite? What else do you think we should be adding to our binge-worthy list? 

Until next time