I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. The thought that on January 1 you’re supposed to suddenly declare all the things you wish to accomplish for the entire year (only to abandon them all by mid-February) doesn’t work for me. I prefer to set monthly intentions. That way I only have one new habit to focus on per month and can change and adapt my list as the year goes on.

That said, I saw a wonderful idea in a post on A Cup of Jo a week or so ago that really spoke to me; more/less. Illustrator Julia Rothman had pinned up a sheet of paper with things she wanted more or less of in her life in the new year. Brilliant! 

I’ve read that the best way to start a good habit or to break a bad habit is to focus on adding things to your pile of good rather than obsessing over the bad. This list format helps with just that. Spending too much time comparing your life on social media? Glance at the list and see that you want to spend more time with friends. Send the text. Meet up for coffee.

The list doesn’t deal in absolutes. If you order take-out once, you don’t feel like you’ve submarined your entire resolution and chuck it all out. Just plan on cooking dinner in tomorrow.

As you can tell, I’m really taken with this way of thinking and am adding it to my existing monthly intentions. Below is my personal more/less list. What’s on yours?

  • More time outside. Less camping out on the couch.
  • More fruit. Less sweets.
  • More time with friends. Less listening to internal negativity.
  • More moving. Less vegging.
  • More doing. Less excuses.
  • More home cooking. Less takeout.
  • More calm. Less clutter.
  • More books. Less television.
  • More creativity. Less judgement.
  • More patience. Less snapping over stupid things.
  • More organization. Less chaos.

Until next time.