Pleased to meet you!


Hello! I’m Crystal otherwise known as The Quirky Quaintrelle and this is to be my blog. I love spending time with my family & our menagerie of pets, good food & drink, pretty things, classic style with a twist, a cozy home, books, the occasional bit of craftiness and so much more!

I believe in paying a few dollars more for the attractively designed option over the strictly utilitarian. I will always stop to look at pictures of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn or Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. I adore British television and period-piece movies and almost anything featuring magic. I read everything: novels, classic literature, history, science, travel, social science, comics and describe myself as ferociously curious.

Food & wine are my love languages. Bring me chocolate, a fancy coffee, a bottle of Cabernet or a really good pizza and I will be a very happy girl. And other than my darling husband and my sweet sister, cheese is my best friend. I love to cook and I love a good restaurant meal and, yes, I’m the one taking pictures of everyone’s plates before they take a bite.

Right now I’m just practicing. Stretching my legs and finding my voice. Starting in the new year I hope to post at least 5 times a week on all of the things I mentioned above and whatever else strikes my fancy. I hope you’ll find something that interests you and you’ll follow along and strike up a conversation while I set out to make 2017 my most beautiful, magical & charming year yet!